Why Root Canal is Necessary?

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April 21, 2017
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Root canal is an endodontic therapy used for the removal of damaged tooth’s pulp- a soft and thin tissue situated in the centre of tooth. After the removal of pulp, the affected area is shaped, cleaned and then filled so as to seal the open space. Earlier, the teeth that were prone to injured or diseased pulp had to be removed, but now with root canal treatment you can apparently save many teeth which otherwise would be lost.

Several reasons can lead to the degradation of a tooth’s pulp, some of them are:

  • Deep cavity
  • Cracked tooth
  • Injury to the tooth, for instance a severe knock either in the past or recent.

Once the pulp becomes infected, if not treated on time, it can cause pus at the tip of the root in the jawbone, forming abscess. This abscess destroys the bone present within the surrounding of tooth and is painful as well.

How Does The Decay Start?

A root canal is essential for treating tooth decay. The tooth first gets infected and when this infection reaches beyond the enamel, it progresses to the dentin (layer beneath the enamel). And at last, it makes its way to the nerve structure called as pulp. During this point, the inflammation caused due to decay is not reversible, as a result of which the tooth starts to die. When this occurs, there are many chemicals released that spread infection at the tip making it swell. Typically, this is the stage when toothache is painful and noticeable.

Patients must seek immediate help of dentist who would treat the tooth and relieve pain through root canal therapy. Since this procedure is complex, patients need to take good care of their treated tooth even after the therapy.

Is Root Canal A Painful Treatment?

There are many patients who worry that root canal is going to be a painful experience. Fortunately, the reality is far from that. Endodontist claim that suffering from an infected tooth is much more painful that the procedure. The pain that you feel in the treatment is nothing compared to the signs of swelling, sensitivity and unbearable pain when you take a bite or brush your teeth.

In fact, the procedure is often cialis pas cher done with the help of numbing medications that prevent the sensation of pain to a greater extent. Dentists even recommend over the counter pain relievers or prescribe medications to reduce any form of temporary discomfort.

Once the tooth is treated, make sure that you take proper care by brushing twice a day, flossing and visiting the dentist as per the schedule.

Effective Ways to Sustain Oral Health

Undergoing root canal treatment is not enough, along with that you need to follow appropriate measures so as to sustain your overall oral health & hygiene.  For this you can count on customized preventive packages by best diagnostic center in Western Suburb, Mumbai who will not only make you aware of the important steps but at the same time ensure that your tooth does not become prone to any lethal damage for years to come.  The state of the art technology and modern mechanical instruments have eased the way root canal is treated. Gone are the days when one needed multiple sittings at the dentist. With the new procedure, it is now possible to get the root canal treatment done in a single visit.

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