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March 27, 2017
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The scorching heat of the summer has set in. This is the time when the sun’s heat, humidity and pollution plays havoc with your skin; the skin’s natural glow is lost or some infections set in. It is therefore most essential to follow the summer skin care routine as that will help your skin to retain its natural glow and keep radiating all the while as before.

General Tips for Summer Skin Care

Basic skincare calls for exfoliating your skin. The dead skin cells that collect on your skin have to be scrubbed off. Use a facial gentle exfoliator for your face and neck region and a body scrub for the entire body. This routine should be adopted once a week. The second step in the summer skincare routine is use of sunscreen lotion whenever you step out of the house. The lotion that matches your skin type should be applied on the exposed parts of your body. Go for minimal makeup. Natural looks should be your style for the summer. A face powder with SPF and a SPF 15 endowed lip balm need to be your constant companions. The next tip is monitoring your intake of water which should be at least 8 glasses per day in summer. This will help flush out the toxins from your body. A hydrating lotion for your body should not be forgotten; choose a light summery floral gel that gets absorbed fast into your body.

Skin Pigmentation- Major Sun Damage Problem

Skin pigmentation refers to a condition where the skin seems to be darker or lighter than normal and this differing tone could be seen in patches. The causes of skin pigmentation are many and among those, the scorching rays of the sun is a major cause. Excess sun exposure can result in the individual having pigmentation patches. The mild forms of pigmentation can be removed by use of topical creams and sunscreen lotions. However, the deeper ones need skin pigmentation treatment. This is regarded as one of the effective treatment options for pigment management. This treatment involves the use of laser which eliminates the coloured spots by removing skin layers. The gentle light of the laser is given off at very short interval lengths thus effectively reducing the reddishness of the epidermis and dermis. Besides treating sun damaged skin, laser resurfacing is used to treat age spots, acne scars, wrinkles, sagging skin, droopy eyelids, crow’s feet etc.

Cosmetologist’s Role

Cosmetologists are professionals trained in skin care treatments. They enhance the skin colour and its tone through their facial treatments. Skin tightening and pigmentation treatments are also offered by them. Skin pigmentation treatment or laser skin resurfacing is given by them to decrease fine wrinkles, acne or dark circles under the eyes. Several other beauty treatments like microdermabrasion, skin lifts, plastic surgery which enhance a woman’s looks and perk up her skin tone are sought from them by every woman in today’s times.


No one can avoid the exposure to sun and eliminate the possible damage that can be caused by it. However, adopting the above mentioned precautionary tips for summer skin care, you can prevent the sun damage to a very large extent.

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