Corporate Wellness

DiagnoLounge is a complete diagnostic services center based in Goregaon (W), Mumbai offering a range of diagnostic services including various corporate wellness programs. The center offers specialized services for corporate houses, which cover the entire range of services from preventive diagnostics to wellness programs to insurance.
We are associated with various companies to conduct health check-up for their employees and yearly health check-up, for its patrons.

Our Programs For The Corporate Have Various Aspects:

  • Interactive discussions in Sensible Diet Programs
  • Special sessions keeping in mind
  • Physical Problems
  • Mental Stress
  • Physical Stress
  • Work Related Stress

Corporate Management & divisions

  • Health management program
  • Conduct annual checkups
  • Analyze & present key findings
  • Set parameters for next year's annual and pre-employment checkups
  • Make recommendations for improving workplace environment based on tabulated results
  • Treatment options for affected employees (with our health partners)
  • Corporate wellness
  • Tips for healthy work environment
  • Occupational health services
  • Doctor on site
  • Medical manpower assistance
  • Ambulance on call
  • Corporate camps
  • Corporate workshops/Health Awareness presentations
  • Corporate medical division design & process management
  • Yoga and stress-relieving services
  • Mobile health van

Pre-Employment Check-Ups

Various Pre-Employment Check-Ups

We tailor made the Pre Employment Check up as Per the Requirement of Corporates

Returning To Work After An Illness

On returning to work after an illness, in most cases of infection: bacteria and viruses can still be found in someone’s feces after symptoms stop. It is therefore important that managers continue to exclude food handlers for a period of time after this. 48 hours is the recommended length of time.

Lists of test to be done in case of person returning from a diarrhea illness:

  • Stool Routine
  • Stool Culture (3 consecutive stool samples taken 48 hours apart in case of cholera, typhoid and dysentery should be tested negative)
  • Widal Test

Diagnolounge “corporate wellness program” is a comprehensive solution to improving corporate health and productivity, empowering employees to make healthy lifestyle changes while helping them overcome barriers to success such as emotional and mental health issues. A series of corporate wellness programs are designed to best suit the requirements of any organization along with customized solutions to meet the needs of individual organization & employees.

Insurance Company Check Ups

We provide an ideal platform for all insurance companies and TPAs to conduct pre-insurance (renewals) medicals. Our complete range of Pathology, Radiology & Cardiology investigations complement the need of all insurance companies.

  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests
  • Digital X-Ray
  • ECG
  • Stress test / TMT
  • Medical examination
  • Pulmonary Function Test