June 24, 2017

Why Root Canal is Necessary?

Root canal is an endodontic therapy used for the removal of damaged tooth’s pulp- a soft and thin tissue situated in the centre of tooth. After the removal of pulp, the affected area is shaped, cleaned and then filled so as to seal the open space. Earlier, the teeth that were prone to injured or diseased pulp had to be removed, but now with root canal treatment you can apparently save many teeth which otherwise would be lost.
April 21, 2017

Cosmetology & Summer Skin Care

The scorching heat of the summer has set in. This is the time when the sun’s heat, humidity and pollution plays havoc with your skin; the skin’s natural glow is lost or some infections set in. It is therefore most essential to follow the summer skin care routine as that will help your skin to retain its natural glow and keep radiating all the while as before.
March 27, 2017

Why Diagnostic Centres are Important for Your Treatment

Diagnostics greatly impact the quality of healthcare offered and therefore, in the context of the rising health conscious millennials their significance is increasing day by day. A large percentage of medical decisions are based on the test results of these diagnostic centres. Diagnostic centres are establishments that help in detection and diagnosis of ailments through scientific examinations. Increasing Importance to Preventive Healthcare A precise medical diagnosis is directly related to better patient treatment. There has been a revolution in the field of medical diagnostics and today, diseases like cancer, tumour, diabetes can be detected far early and if done so, […]